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thesis paper



Newfangled is a curious word. It means attracted to novelty or something of the newest

kind (Webster). I chose it because I like how it looks and sounds, and it is not a word commonly

used in academia. The work I make has a novelty quality to it. I research historical and

contemporary trends in the art, craft, and regular worlds and sift through all of the information in

an effort to create work that is universal. I draw or paint representational imagery onto

functional, wheel-thrown pottery and the finished work takes a narrative or conceptual stance as

an object. Sometimes the subject of my imagery is simple like a landscape, a horse, or a person.

Other times the subject is more complex or cryptic; it can be concealed with abstraction or

changed with metaphor.

This thesis discusses the ideas and techniques I used in the studio to create the body of

work I call Newfangled.

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Michael Kline said...

Hey thesis-guy! I'm trying to figure out this "newfangled" blog-on-your-website thing! (not to mention think of ways to use newfangled!) See you Wednesday.