Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


Where is your food protein grown?

I should make a disclaimer that this photograph has not been manipulated in any way. Above are two 1 1/4" thick cut T-bones and below are the complimentary 3/4" center cut pork chops. Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. The quality and texture of this meat is the best I have ever eaten.

Do you know where your food protein comes from? Did you know that 54% of the worlds pork is grown in China? and 20% of the worlds beef is grown in Brazil?

How many miles does your food have on it from field to fork? Have you ever imagined dipping your food in a 5 gallon bucket of diesel before you eat it?

I challenge you to try and figure out where your food was grown... you may be surprised to find it was grown where a thick jungle once was deep in South America, or maybe Korea, Mexico, or Argentina. Or maybe a combination of several countries! Then try and figure out if it has traveled more than you have this year.

If you go to the Dallas Farmer's Market this saturday and come to Shed #1 you can buy some food protein that was grown in Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA.