Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


Things Against Stuff

Over the last few days I have been asking myself -"Why do I pay so much energy and attention to making pots?" and, "Why does pottery seem so important to me?"

Now, I like talkin' grand scheme, so...

In the grand scheme of THINGS, things that are made to contain other things are at the very bottom rung of importance. Think chinese buffet to-go clam shell styrofoam boxes. I'm talkin' down there with smart cars, mtv, or the washington redskins. Things of rock bottom importance.

Essentially, people are eating their food and drinking their coffee out of trash.

In our culture, containers have been reduced to u-haul, starbucks, and wal-mart sacks. The containers we use are an accurate indicator of how Corporatism has consumed our culture (please don't commonly confuse corporatism with capitalism here).

One of the main reasons I love making pottery is because of how the pottery itself is at least equal in value to its contents. It restores basic human dignity by keeping us from eating off of trash.

There is an excellent show CLICK HERE that is exclusively ceramic containers, check it out and BUY HANDMADE, or go buy a redskins jersey.


The Cup

I have put aside 4 of my favorite mugs for an exhibit at the only and the one Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville, NC this November.


D is for Dragracing

I just finished a list of letters from the alphabet in my sketchbook that I am going to turn into educational paintings.

All 26 of them! it was difficult narrowing down all of the great words, it takes some commitment!

Because of all the wasted words I may do 26 rejected words.

A is for America
B is for Bob Dylan
C is for Chair
D is for Dragracing


Step Right Up, Come On In

The show/sale ended up to be a lot of fun! I have uploaded a video tour of the exhibit. It was very fun seeing all of my favorite Johnson City people and to have a final show downtown before the move to Montgomery. It was a pleasure to work with fellow exhibitors Charlie Haskins and John Hathaway. Jason Sabbides was able to show a few pieces, but was mostly out of commission because of a very pregnant wife! Best of luck to them.

We ended up showing more than six hundred pieces for the one night show, and I was proud of how it all turned out.

A sequel to the 2010 exhibit Canked, 2011's Son of Canked was quite a pleasure.



This clip is from the Montgomery Advertiser yesterday. Pretty cool!

CityFest a big hit with area residents

John Simmons sells his pottery during the 25th annual Prattville CityFest.
John Simmons sells his pottery during the 25th annual Prattville CityFest. / Mickey Welsh
Downtown was shut down in Prattville on Saturday as ven­dors lined the streets for the 25th annual Prattville CityFest.
Everything from Alabama and Auburn apparel to home made paintings to purses, and even turtles, were available for families to purchase as they walked together on a sunny day.
The event brought a bal anced mix of different areas such as corporate tents along side do-it-yourself booths. And while some items probably weren't very interesting to chil dren, they had a kids' zone fea turing inflatable rides all to themselves.
Some attendees came with organizations such as the Pratt ville Autauga Humane Society or different area churches, like C Williams. She came with her grandson as the two enjoyed what she called "a nice day."
"I looked at all the vendors and then let him come play," Williams said.
If browsing the different shopping selections left anyone hungry, they only needed to visit the Creek Walk to enjoy corn dogs and Italian ice, among other food items. Some even kicked off their shoes to relax in the creek near down town.
Even some of the vendors stepped away from their boot hs to see what else CityFest had to offer. Mimi Young from Chelsea New York and Jan McDowell from Touch of New York in Prattville took some time late in the day to check out some new additions to the lineup.
"It's all about supporting the local CityFest," McDowell said.
Young said the crowd was steady all day, saying the fact that it was Mother's Day week end may have played a helping hand.
"The traffic's been better than the last couple of years," Young said. "It's been great, real upbeat."


    Screaming Beauty

    Below are some photos of new cups that I am excited and curious about. After making mostly tile 6 slip decorated pots for several years it is refreshing to glaze pots. Glazeware will always have a special place in my heart. I particularly like the gestural quality of the 'drawings'.

    Something about Cone 10 Reduction glazed pots (or, C10RG as some call it) screams beauty. Isn't that a curious statement? Screaming beauty? 

    2011, the year of screaming beauty.

     I made, glazed, and fired these during my 'residency' at Fork Mountain Pottery this winter.