Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


Master Mugs

In celebration of my recent graduation I decided to do a series of mugs honoring the grandfathers and grandmothers of art. There are about 30 mugs that feature famous paintings, drawings, sculpture, architecture, and photography. I call the series Master Mugs.

Artists in these pictures include: Dorothea Lange, Edouard Manet, Georges Seurat, Jacques-Louis David, and Paul Gauguin. This first collection of high art mugs ranges from the Venus of Willendorf to Jasper Johns. I was not interested in "copying" the images completely, some of them are cropped, edited, combined, and altered. The exciting thing to me about this project is that I can pick and choose how I want to show these masterworks...on a coffee mug.



I like to get to a point in the studio where I don't have to trust my brain; only my eyes and hands.



Canked is set up, I am happy with how everything came together... now getting ready for the opening reception this Friday from 6-8pm, downtown Johnson City. I have exciting news that there will be approx. 1,000 bikers on main street friday night, main st. runs perpendicular to the arts council.  At 5:30 they are doing a "blessing of the bikes" THAT IS CANKED! I can't wait, and hopefully a few leather-wearing folks will mosey into the arts council to see the show.

Other news: I dropped off pots to be on display at the Penland Gallery. This is big news for me, as I am thrilled and feel honored to have work represented in the same building as some of my favorite artists and potters.

Other other news: I received word that I will have work featured in the upcoming 500 Vases book. Look for it at your local booksellers in Fall 2010, then buy it and put it on your coffee table.

I feel very blessed for the good things that are happening and new adventures to come. His banner over me is love.

side project of the day: Kiln tear down/rebuild/excavation


Everybody Wins, Canked is here!

Firing off the kiln today sometime, all new pots for CANKED.
Downtown Johnson City in the King Center, Johnson City Area Arts Council Gallery. Opening Reception is First Friday, May 7th from 6-8pm.
Pottery by myself.
Painting by Charlie Haskins.