Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA



Round hay bales are rolled up in late springtime like dry grass cinnamon rolls. That is, 1200# grass flavored cinnamon rolls.

To feed out I unroll the hay for the cattle during the winter season.

There are several advantages to unrolling hay vs. putting it in a hay ring or barn feeding, etc.

It is good because you can run any class or size of animal all together. This way the bigger bully animals won't hog all the feedstuff.

One hay bale stretches out to about the length of a football field.

There is very little waste.

I can monitor exactly how much hay I am feeding.

I unroll in different sections of the paddock every day and it acts as a secondary fertility program for the soil.

It reduces pugging (see summertime pug wash).

The animals line up and I can do a thorough daily inspection of body condition/health/pregnancy development.