Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


First Fruits

Today I got the electricity turned on in my new studio. I have been making pots on the kickwheel for a couple of weeks, but have had to stop making everyday at about 8:40 when it gets dark.

I am looking forward to seeing the first fruits of my labor come out of the new studio.

My days are filled to the brim and a new challenge is around every corner. Right now I am seeking more organization- this usually means throwing stuff away.

Did I mention I am working for Michael Kline as an adjunct potter/apprentice/helper and loving it!

Back Soon


ang said...

dig ya website.. the gallery is awesome and also may i say really nice to see a well 'designed' page love it!! and love your drawings... cheers ang

John said...

ang, thanks! glad you visited the website, i poked a little around your blog-very nice!

take care,