Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


Penland continued...

Well, I have been on the mountain a full week now and things are going well. I've met some pretty great people and had some good times. I gave a slide show last Tues. and things went alright I guess, it was my first slideshow so I was a little nervous. In the pot shop we are rakuing and I think I have removed (or canceled out?) 5 to 7 years from my life. That stuff is like mustard gas! It also completely saturates your clothes with the raku smoke stank. It is a very distinct scent. Its the kind of scent that makes you want to wake up in the middle of the night and smell your t-shirt, then punch yourself in the throat, and splather ferric chloride on your pillow.

Next Session: Posey Bacapaulos-Majolica- Cone 05 and 1/2

I am going to start taking pictures to document all the madness.

Then the final session for me is Jack Troy.

I've got 5 more weeks left up on this mountain and I miss my darlin' girl, wears them sevens on her sleeve, dances like a diamond star, tells me lies I love to believe. Her age is always 22, laughin eyes a hazel hue, spends my money like water falls, loves me like I want her to. Loves me like I want her to.

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