Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


The show was a success!  I sold several pieces and there was plenty of schmoozing to boot.  More importantly, the Blue Plum Festival was in full gear.  People filled the streets of downtown Johnson City, three stages were set up with some great bands, and there were funnel cakes.On Saturday afternoon I pulled out the lawn chair, propped up my feet, and watched cornholing for about 2 hours.  I have a lot of practicing to do before next year...did I mention funnel cakes?

The pot shop is now buzzing.  I am teaching a special topics summer course called "intro to wood-firing".  We are gonna fire the Hogagama and the cross-draft wood/salt kiln.  It has turned out to be an interesting and diverse class.  They are making some pretty exciting work!  I have never fired a kiln with such primo wood, we have several bundles of kiln-dried stickers from peerless wood working in Bristol.  Its all hardwood with "less than 9% moisture".  So over the last few days I drug out ye olde saw buck and fired up mandy(chainsaw).  Load, Saw, stack, repeat.  I hope we have a good firing.

July 5th I head up to Penland School of Craft, I will be there until Aug. 16th or so.  I am assisting 3 sessions in upper clay and am pumped about it!  Beware the Wookies.

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