Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


Introducing #17

Even though cattle are very social animals, you can usually pick a couple out of a mob that don't always stay with the herd. Some are a little less common, a little uglier, a little prettier, there is something special about them. While everyone else is french braiding amongst each other, sorting themselves the only way they know how with their distinctively bovine compass, No. 17 is looking at the ground. Almost like she is trying to decide which blade of grass she is going to ruminate next.

I feel like No. 17 is going to be a special girl.

I intend to follow her a little closer than the rest of the herd, update her status on here with photos and comments. I think I can learn something from her.

She is a 487# portable sauerkraut vat. She thinks she may be ready to get pregnant sometime in June, waiting for the right fella to come a long - nothing long term. By then she should be about 650-700#.

I intend to keep her for a while, hopefully getting several calves from her. No doubt No. 17 will be all over the pastures for the next several years, eating grass and keeping to herself. She will be on the pastures and on the pottery.

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Michael Kline said...

Mmm, a portable sauerkraut vat! She's a cutie.