Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


Teapots, etc.

I am busy making teapots, bottles, covered jars, and about to start on some bowls. Being here in the mountains makes me want to keep things simple, clean, and easy. There is a bit of a shift in my vision, not sure what it is from. I'm not as concerned with putting imagery on the pottery and that dictating what it is (monkey bottle, etc.) as much as I am making and seeing the pottery and trying to react and compliment the forms and subtle elements of the pots with whatever decoration I go with.

Michael Simon is a potter who did this. I know he has influenced a lot of the potters in this area and it echos in their work. This teapot I made is certainly influenced by his work, a lot of the pots I am making now seem to be.

Back to the wheel...

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