Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA



The fourth time was a charm with my bread making experiment. This steaming loaf of rye came out just right! and just in time for some breakfast(with a little room temp. butter, which I like to call RTB- not so commonly to be confused with RJB) Thanks Michael Kline for the recipe and tips for making a killer loaf. One day I am going to be a real bread maker.


Brick Clay

This is a picture from summer 2010 when Naldo and I were getting brick clay at the now shut down brick factory, General Shale here in Johnson City. It takes a lot of clay to make bricks.



Set up and ready for the market tomorrow in Marshall.
Thanks Michael for the 'peds'.




each working cycle produces new drawings, new forms, new ideas, a lot of new. After a good day at MK's I'm back home and trying to get through all the new work grading it, wet sanding, and pricing for the market this weekend!

From angry dogs to four-wheelin', this batch of pots have been interesting.

More photos later!


The Bear

Well, the firing went off last night about 9pm and I am hoping for good results! The pots from all the effort, concentration, and wanderlust that went into the kiln hinge on the final firing. It seems to me that a lot of people who work with clay like to have complete control of every aspect of what they make. I am no exception. However, when you fire, a kiln unfailingly takes on a personality of its own.

Unloading a kiln is similar to meeting a new and interesting person. There is a sense of familiarity, intrigue, and newness. Best analogy I've got for today.

Most importantly, this weekend is The Marshall Handmade Market! Come, chat, visit, and buy some of my wares, books, drawings, and other things.


First Bisque

Today was a flagship day! I loaded and started my first bisque in the new studio in preparation for the Marshall Handmade Market. My making has stopped for the next glaze firing, except for a few flasks I need to finish up tonight and get dry for the next bisque. Two bisques should be a good load for The Bear.

Wednesday I go to work for Michael as he is gearing up for a Thanksgiving firing with fellow Snow Creek potter, Courtney Martin in her wood kiln.

Then Saturday I fire The Bear.

Love and Peacefrogs,