Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


Featured Piece

Since Newfangled is here, I have decided to do a mini-series of posts explaining select pieces from the show.

The first piece featured is a Fishin' Tea set (pictured above).

This is a common tea set, comprised of a teapot and corresponding teacups. The concept for this piece is unlikely, and when people see it they usually chuckle. Pictured on the teapot is a large-mouth bass and on the teacups are a texas rig synthetic worm bait and a common rattletrap bait. It is a set... it is catchy (pun intended) and most people leave it at that, when they get the riddle and pass by.

However, my idea for this piece goes a little further. Tanner Young once said "being on the lake is a religious experience." The connection Tanner has with fishing and the lake is undeniable. Aside from it being a great quote, I think it resonates with anyone who is passionate about anything. The rich history of tea and how it is drunk lends itself to ceremony, sharing with friends, quiet time, etc. and can be regarded as a religious experience. When a couple of buddies go fishing every weekend for 25 years, is that not ceremony?

Finally, it seems to me that the typical beverage of choice of a fisherman is probably not hot tea, and he probably wouldn't drink it out of a handmade teapot. He would most likely choose coffee, beer, soda, or iced sweet tea - anything but hot tea!

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