Sulphur Bluff, Texas, USA


I fired the kiln yesterday. Cone 9 up top and 10 was good and down at the bottom. I heard someone say a good downdraft gas kiln fires hot at the bottom? Maybe that's just what I tell myself. Oh well, I hope I had a good firing. I will unload tomorrow morning and probably take pictures later tomorrow. I peeked this morning and it looked pretty good. There is some sort of mystery when you turn off a kiln...all you can really say is, well, I hope it went o.k.! Then when it is time to peek you get so excited to see 1/4 of a pot, haha! It is kinda ridiculous.

I have two new test glazes I am eager to see, one is a subtle matte blue and the other is a green. I like to use a little color for accents sometimes. I think with this load I am going to update the portfolio on my website and probably goin to enter a couple of juried shows. Most of the pots in the kiln have drawings on them that I am pretty excited about. Some whales, fish, birds, horses, and a few hogs as well. It should be interesting.

Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise...

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